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Co-Production Week 2023

Co-Producing Co-Production Event

Co-production in the real world

In March 2023, Changing Futures, Possability People and the SCALE Network (Capital Project Trust) facilitated an event called ‘Co-Producing Co- Production

The whole event was co-produced right from inception to delivery on the day by a working group was created that consisted of people with lived and learned experience from each of the three organisations.

The event was planned over a period of 6 months with weekly working group meetings, where everyone took equal responsibility for their activities and roles.

We will be sharing more of the resources and reflections that came from the event this week and over the coming weeks.

To get us started though, here’s a great example of the power of working co-productively, for the people involved.

Alison from Possability People shared this reflection...
"The co pro event was a wonderful event to be a part of. It was probably the most co-produced event I have been asked to work on ever and makes me go all goose pimply when I think about it. Why was this? What conjures those warm gooey feelings of success and optimism and basking in a certain glow?
Those great enthusiastic feelings are due mostly to the fact that it was led by people with lived experience, planned and designed by people with lived experience, attended by an equal mix of people with lived experience as well as service providers and charities for mental health. Plus, it was acclaimed by attendees! It was obvious at the co-pro event that there was a desire to know more about co production and how to do it. Many people signed up to the ideas of co-production and to embed service user experience and voice in the planning of their own day-to-day work. Many complimented us (the planning team) on how it was a carefully planned event with consideration for people with mental health difficulties, that showcased thought-provoking and engaging case studies and activities, had a table plan that ensured there was a diverse range of voices on each table, as well as offering a great networking opportunity.

It's lovely to bask in success - who doesn't like it? However, on a personal level, I loved being part of the planning team because we trusted and relied on each other - and that created a feeling of belonging and being part of something bigger. Of course, it's a bit daunting putting together an event for 100+ people, but I felt as if the planning team took on board everyone's ideas and we trusted each other to do everything and to do it well. Also, freedom to contribute as much or as little as I am able, including introducing the presentations (I was shaking like a leaf) and that feeling of pride at being able to contribute for the first time in a long time. For me, the co pro event was co pro in action!"

We will be creating some resources about co-producing an event like this and what we all learnt from the experience.

If you would be interested in hearing more or if we can support you to do something similar, please get in touch.

Andree Ralph – Lived Experience Co-Ordinator – Changing Futures Sussex

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