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Co-Production Week 2023

Co-designing and developing workshops and training

in Supported Accommodation and Refuge

Co-Production in the Real World

Jordan Isaac - Move-on Coordinator (Supported Accommodation and Refuges), Housing Options, Hastings Borough Council reflects on a project developing training with clients in supported accommodation

“As the Move on Coordinator for Supported Accommodation and Domestic Abuse Refuges, my role is to help support services improve pathways into independent, suitable, and sustainable housing for vulnerable adults across the county. As a sector, we face tremendous barriers in accessing independent accommodation. The lack of social housing and over inflated prices for private rented properties to the name a few. Many clients in SA and Refuge services are therefore struggling to move on in a timely manner. As a response to promoting all move on options and upskilling clientele to compete with others in society successfully, I am working collaboratively with Clarion's refuge service to develop a bespoke package of move on workshops, co-delivered between myself and staff to ensure increased capacity and sustainability, and co-produced with clients within the service to ensure their needs and wants are met.

We all know what the barriers to accessing move on accommodation are, but we need to ensure clients feel empowered at being able to break these down. Therefore, working with the refuge, the service will be inviting residents to a focus group session, asking open questions about their housing circumstances, getting to know what the most important aspects to them about housing and their move on goals are, but also understand where they feel their skills around understanding how to access suitable move on accommodation, can be improved. All feedback gained from the residents during this focus group will help steer the content of these workshops, to be delivered directly to residents, face-to-face, in service”

For information, to be part of the conversation and follow this piece of work please contact:

Jordan Isaac - Move-on Coordinator (Supported Accommodation and Refuges), Housing Options, Hastings Borough Council -

A copy of the questions for the focus group can be seen on our Knowledge Hub in the Library section - Make sure to join the Hub to see this and the other resources there.

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