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Our Principles

We share a set of five principles that everyone connected to the Changing Futures Programme Sussex should work towards and serves as a guide to govern behaviour and evaluation, these Principles have been co-designed with key stakeholders across the system in learning events.

  • Supporting people with lived experience to lead on design, development, and delivery.

  • Ensure the different, diverse actors needed to enable change are involved at every stage

Working Together


  • Ensure all interventions are trauma informed

  • First, do no harm

  • Take a compassionate, person-centred approach



  • Build a culture of open and ongoing learning and reflection

  • Seeking Opportunities to change/adapt ourselves as needed

Learning Together


  • Build trust so that differences of opinion can be freely shared and debated

  • Focus of shifting power, working together to identify and address obstacles

Challenging Together


  • Continually reassess the system, what needs to change and how

  • Be accountable at all levels, set realistic targets and do what we say we will do

Taking Action Together

How will we get there?

Click on the button below to see the work we are engaged with to bring about the system change we envision...

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