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System Change Goals

Our goals for system change are grouped into five workstreams:


Data & Information

Governance & Commissioning


Learning and development

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Increase and improve the service offer for individuals experiencing multiple disadvantage across the whole of Sussex.

High quality multi-disciplinary service response across entire footprint. 

Reduced ‘postcode lottery’ and more clarity on what ’good’ looks like. 

 Swifter and safer outcomes for women; fewer preventable deaths and SAR’s relating to women experiencing multiple disadvantage. 

 Clients experience high quality, seamless services and ‘no wrong door’ for holistic support. 

 Clear evidence base developed for interventions


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& Commissioning

 Stronger place-based multi-agency partnerships leading to better coordinated commissioning, service design and delivery

Robust multi-agency strategic and operational partnerships in each locality with clear leadership and accountability structures.


Pan Sussex commissioning activity be underway for multiple disadvantage.

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A fully costed data transformation programme for Sussex authorities to be underway​. 


A Better understanding of prevalence and needs leading to more targeted service responses 

 An agreed Pan Sussex definition of multiple disadvantage, improved understanding of prevalence and needs across the system.


Agreed priority service responses for those at risk leading to longer-term safeguarding outcomes and reduced mortality


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Embedded lived experience in local

governance and decision-making structures

Build expertise and capacity in developing co-production activities within local organisations

Peer support a regular part of the

multidisciplinary offer in Sussex


Individuals with lived experience having a role in all local governance and decision-making structures relevant to multiple disadvantage including commissioning activities


 Increased co production activity in all organisations within the Changing Futures partnership and agreed minimum standards for quality


Peer Support embedded as a core function

in all three localities 

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Learning & Development

Trauma-informed system of care and embedding a culture of system-wide curiosity to learn from each other through groups and forums – building ‘systems thinking’ capacity across Sussex


 Develop a shared vision and understanding of a trauma-informed system of care, to include training, supervision and capacity-building for the workforce.  

Develop a culture of system-wide curiosity to learn from each other's practice through interdisciplinary groups and forums


What will success look like?

We aim to make an impact on the individual, service & system level
Service elivery.png

Individuals experiencing multiple disadvantage receive flexible, trauma informed, person-centred support when they need it which leads to more periods of stability and more opportunities to make positive changes in their lives.

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Local services operate a ‘no wrong door’ and better coordinated support to stabilise and then improve outcomes for local cohorts of adults experiencing multiple disadvantages therefore reducing demand on ‘reactive’ services.



Effective multi-agency partnerships, strong governance, data sharing agreements and better use of data shapes future commissioning. Common system goals agreed to improve responses for those experiencing multiple disadvantage and deliver better value for money and values-based accountability.

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